Why is it important?

Did you know how your cholesterol level and lifestyle factors affect your heart health?  

Did you know that over the next five years in Australia, there is an estimated 76,500 cardiovascular related incidents expected to occur including heart attack and stroke. 

What's involved?

This 40-minute consultation with both a nurse and doctor will include a discussion about your family health history, lifestyle factors and what you eat, as well as an examination of your blood pressure and a plan for the future to help prevent any cardiovascular events.  Your doctor will also discuss the results of your Cholesterol blood test which you will be required to have prior to your appointment.

Who is eligible?

Toowoomba Medical Centre would like to invite eligible patients aged between 45 and 74 years, or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island patients over the age of 35 years, to undertake a Heart Health Check.  This check is for patients who do not have a history of cardiovascular disease or a history of heart attack or stroke.

How do I book an appointment?

If you are interested in having a Heart Health Check and would like to organize your blood test forms for your Heart Health Check, or would like to know if you are eligible, please speak to one of our friendly reception staff by calling (07) 4635 6111.

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