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We all catch the common cold throughout our life, which is uncomfortable and can make us feel tired and ill. However, the ‘flu’ can be life-threatening for some Australians.

The "flu" is highly contagious and can especially be a threat for young, chronically sick, pregnant and/or elderly Australians. It's best to be vaccinated annually against the flu as each year the influenza strains evolve and the previous year's vaccination may not be effective against the current strain.
We bulk-bill flu shots for:

  • children aged under 16
  • pensioners aged over 65
  • pregnant women
  • patients with diabetes or asthma
  • DVA Gold cardholders

It is important for patients to be protected, which is why we offer a free flu clinic for our patients over the age of 65 years. These flu clinics begin in May each year. Please contact reception on (07) 4635 6111 to find out more.

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